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Klavdija Rupar
Dec 23, 2021

What e-commerce trends can we expect in 2022?

2021 is slowly (or more at supernatural speed) coming to an end. The last festive and slightly calmer days are ahead, and a new year awaits us soon, with new challenges, new trends and new obstacles.

What does 2022 bring? Will it be better or worse than this year? Will the pandemic we have been living in for almost two years finally come to an end? Unfortunately, we do not know the answers to this, but we have prepared an overview of the trends in the field of e-commerce that are expected to surface in the new year.

Over the past two years, online sales have increased significantly, so trends are also changing extremely quickly. But if we want to stay up to date and swim with the flow, it is important to follow the trends.

What awaits us in online sales in 2022?

Increased shopping using voice commands

Voice assistants on your mobile, such as Siri, Google Search or Alexa, or voice commands to turn on the lights or television in your home are nothing new. However, search using voice commands is growing rapidly in popularity, directly affecting search results and shopping itself. It's time to optimize your online stores so that potential customers can reach your website, address, contact phone number or opening hours using voice commands.

New payment options

What options do you offer your customers so far? Almost certainly cash on delivery, payment by card, payment via Paypal and payment via estimate. However, many online retailers have also started using an installment repayment plan for products at no extra cost. Definitely an additional way to consider if you want to keep up with the times.

Augmented reality to visualize the purchase

Shopping has spread greatly on the Internet, which, however, still has one drawback compared to physical shopping - namely, it is very difficult to imagine a new sofa when we see a photo online. Use augmented reality to solve the problem. Your customers will be able to access the live view via phone or computer and see exactly how a particular thing looks in the room.

Increased demand for personalized products

It is very difficult to satisfy all customers. But personalized products are the next step that will help you fulfill just about every desire of your customers. This gives them a very special or unique product, and at the same time the shopping itself becomes much faster and easier. We can help you with this too, so register quickly at

Omnichanel Sales

If you only use one platform or strategy to sell, but customers still find you and you have no problems selling, you are doing everything right. But by doing so, limit yourself to only one platform and only specific clients. Many people will not want to buy a product if they only see it in one place. As the research shows Global Wex Index37% of people search for products on social media. Therefore, in the new year, expand your channels and platforms, start selling through major retailers such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy, and thus land directly in front of the noses of potential buyers. You can read more about selling through social networks in our blog How to sell your products on Facebook and Instagram.

More emphasis on sustainability

Businesses, consumers and even government authorities are increasingly stressing the importance of sustainability and renewable energy. It is time to place as many sustainable practices as possible in your company operations and in the products themselves, and offer sustainable and renewable products - this is what consumers will be looking for in the new year.


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