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Sell T-shirts with your own print. Get started today.

Fill out a short questionnaire and open an online store for your business in a few clicks without programming. And postpone printing, delivery, invoices and other annoyances to Vibeit.
Open an online store
Prodajajte majice z lastnim potiskom preko platforme Vibeit, slika


Products sold


Influencers and companies that sell with Vibeit

2-5 days

from order to shipment
Brands that already trust us
Slika majica in puloverja z lastnim potiskom. Zakaj influencerji potrebujejo svoj merch? slika


Če imaš zveste sledilce, bodo z veseljem kupili tvoj merch in širili tvoj brand, ti pa ob prodaji še dodatno zaslužiš!

Why does your company need its “merch” products?

If you have loyal customers who swear by your products or services, you can turn them into ambassadors of your brand in an easy way!

Transfer the visual image by which people recognize your business to t-shirts and other products that your customers or followers will wear with pride and spread your brand among the crowd.

Vibeit is a sales “autopilot” of products that does not get tired of its work!

Vibeit replaces the employee who takes care of order processing, printing, fulfillment, invoicing, inventory control and delivery. It doesn't require a full salary and will be with you for as long as you want!

With the Vibeit platform, setting up an online store is quick and easy. If you know how to solve an online survey, you know how to set up your store with your own merch products in a matter of minutes!

If you decide to sell with the Vibeit platform, you can forget about it after a short and simple store layout. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership that will keep you free from worries about selling your promotional products online for a long time.
Open an online store
Prikaz vseh funkcij, ki jih namesto vas opravi platforma Vibeit, slika

We print, sell and deliver, you earn!

In a few clicks, open your online store with your own products that your followers will prefer to order. Avoid the annoying part of online sales and just take your earnings from your most comfortable armchair every month.


We provide high quality printing on T-shirts and other merch products (print on demand)

Orders and fullfilement

We process orders by express and ship them to the desired address within 2-5 days

Customer Support

Do not mess with customers, because all their wishes are fulfilled by us.


Sell T-shirts with tracker print all over the world. We deliver to any address.


We take care of possible refunds of orders and refund the purchase price to customers.


We issue invoices and take care of the accounting for you.


We regularly monitor the stock of your merch and the coinciding logistics.

Storage and

Forget about renting a warehouse. Your merch products are stocked by us.
Prikaz spletne trgovine NK Celje, ustvarjene na platformi Vibeit, slika

Only your online store

When you set up your online merch store with the Vibeit platform, you only put your brand at the forefront. We offer a 100% white-label solution, which means that your followers will not follow us anywhere on your page - not even in the URL address!

Your reliable partner

At Vibeit, we do not want to take control of the sale of your merch, so you can have exactly as much insight into the whole process as you want.

Control every step from order to shipment, track only the order numbers and leave the logistics to us, or at the end of the month just take the earnings - the decision is yours!
Vibeit platforma deluje na mobilnih napravah, kjer lahko influencerji spremljajo svojo prodajo in urejajo izdelke. slika

Sell exclusively products that reflect the quality of your brand

Make sure that the image you want to convey on t-shirts and other products is attractive to your customers, the rest is provided by us!
Top izdelki v Vibeit ponudbi, ikona

Top Product

We give priority to quality, so even with regular use, the print will not sag, wash or crumble.
Hitra obdelava naročil in odpošiljanje, ikona

Fast fullfilement

Orders for your T-shirts and other custom products are processed within 2-5 days, printed and shipped to the desired address.
Globalna dostava z Vibeit platformo, ikona

Global Delivery

Do you want to offer your products to customers in Germany, USA, Japan or Australia? We deliver to any address