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Klavdija Rupar
Nov 23, 2021

How to get more traffic to your online store?

The rise of online stores was especially evident in the first wave of the new coronavirus. The vast majority of successful sellers have moved their business online in a short period of time, bringing us to completely new dimensions. Although the competition is high, the demand for online shopping is also high.

We recently wrote about this, how to increase sales before the holidays, and today we will introduce you to ways and tools to bring even more customers to your online store.

No matter what kind of product you offer, the key is to bring a sufficient number of customers to your online store. Therefore, in today's blog we will focus on ways to attract customers to visit your online store and how to increase traffic on it.

Before we get into the key ways, let's give a quick overview of what types of traffic we know:

  • organic traffic - when someone finds your online store in a browser like Google
  • paid traffic - traffic that you get through paid digital advertising through Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads
  • direct traffic - when you directly insert a URL link to our store somewhere
  • referral traffic - when traffic comes from a foreign website, say through a blog that lists your online store
  • social media traffic - traffic that you get from organic posts on social networks

Keyword Review and SEO Optimization

Before starting a keyword review, it is very important that the content on your website is understandable and quickly accessible. Include rich product descriptions and add relevant keywords to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This also includes how you name the photos. Use Google Analytics to see which keywords visitors have used to find you in the past, and use them for your future content. But remember - even if you are engaged in SEO, your texts should still be beautifully readable and understandable for everyone.

A few tips:

  • insert the main keyword in the titles
  • come up with meta descriptions that no one can resist
  • Add links to other important pages
  • add longer keywords

Copywriting (newsletters and blogs)

As we have already found out, it is always easier to sell products to already existing customers than to new ones. Therefore, do not forget to send newsletters in which you remind your loyal customers what they can find in your online store. Also think about how you can relate your products to their lifestyle. You also give loyal customers discounts every now and then, showing them that you value them.

In addition to newsletters, an important part of attracting traffic to the online store is also the regular publication of blogs. If the posts on social networks are short and concise, blogs are intended to make you stand out in them. Blogs are informative and educational, and content can further help position your brand. With blogs, you can take care of spreading information or solving problems.

Organic posts on social networks

Social networks are a free solution that allows you to connect with your current and future customers. First, find the competition and see what they are doing, and then get started. It is important to publish regularly, follow trends and also ensure engagement with your followers. Answer their questions, share posts, show enthusiasm for products. Also prepare a sweepstakes or giveaway every now and then to get additional followers and thank the existing ones for following them. We also suggest that you sell your products on Facebook and Instagram as well. How? Read in blog topic.

Digital Marketing

Digital ads are an effective way to attract new traffic to your online store. The best thing about these ads is precisely that you can target specific audiences based on demographics and interests, helping someone find a specific product. Digital marketing includes Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, and Google ads. Explore which are the ones that will come in most handy for you and roll up your sleeves.

Influencer Marketing

Do you have a product that will be suitable for a specific group of influencers? Influencer marketing has grown tremendously in recent years and influencers are the ones that certain companies turn to more and more frequently for help. If you are into influencer marketing, we suggest that you first do a good research on which influencers are right for you. If you sell clothes, you can't exactly work with a cooking ambassador, right? Send your products to suitable influencers or arrange an exclusive collaboration with a specific one.


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