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Asja Šerić
Tips and tricks
Jan 18, 2021

Five characteristics of a successful e-commerce project

There is no denying that e-commerce has become one of the most important and rapidly growing industries that is changing the way online shopping is done. Unlike traditional retail, e-commerce has lower initial costs and higher sales margins. However, unlike traditional trading, online stores do not attract buyers from the street, nor do they deal with them live. Let's see how we can master the challenges arising from the differences between traditional and online trading and create a successful e-commerce project that will be the envy of all competitors in the market.

1. Fast and simple online store

The most important characteristic that is common to all consumers both in retail and during online shopping is their desire for a quick and easy shopping route. A great user experience is key to online business, as it takes customers through the entire purchasing process in the most efficient way possible.

Customers want to find what they are looking for in a very short time, otherwise they will leave the store. The loading time of a website is therefore one of the key features of a successful e-commerce project. Also, Google takes into account the loading time of a web page when it calculates which place a particular site will rank in. Therefore, we need to make sure that the entire online store, including images, loads quickly, but certainly in less than 2 seconds.

We must also pay attention to a simple and well-organized navigation system that is natural and intuitive for users. This means the logical naming of all obvious product categories, as well as the ability to search for products outside the selected categories or using the search bar.

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2. Attractive products and photos

As in retail, the products in the online store must be well presented. Unlike retail, buyers cannot touch or otherwise test items before purchasing them. All they have at their disposal is photography. A beautiful product photo has the power to show the value of an item and is at the same time one of the determining factors when making a purchase decision.

Quality product photos are therefore the best way to describe what we sell. Photos should be in as large a format as possible and contain a zoom function to show even the smallest details of the product. It is also advisable to display the product from different angles or add a photo of the product in a real context that shows the buyer the situation in which he can use the product.

3. Online payment systems

A simple payment system has a direct impact on increasing sales, as it allows customers to make an actual purchase without any problems and safely. There are many different payment methods available today, from credit and debit cards to mobile payments, so it should be in our interest to offer customers a wide choice of payment methods without compromising the security of online payments.

In addition to facilitating the effort, the digitization of the payment process keeps a record of each purchase and also protects sensitive information from fraud. With the help of an online payment system, the whole process happens automatically, which saves time and energy, which can be used in other areas.

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4. International parcel delivery

Offering a variety of product delivery options and pricing delivery to customers is critical to any successful e-commerce project, as it plays an important role in increasing revenue and reducing unfinished purchases. The goal is to offer customers the lowest possible delivery price, while covering our costs and providing the various delivery options our customers want, from free shipping to international shipping to overseas buyers. In the case of delivery options, it is also important for a great customer experience to give them fast delivery, which is usually more expensive; and a more affordable option, which is usually tied to a longer delivery time.

5. Selling on social media

In addition to all of the above, we must also take care of selling on social media, where consumers spend more and more time. Therefore, it makes sense to offer products from the online store also on Facebook and Instagram, thus gaining a competitive advantage and increasing sales. Are you interested in how? Read our blog about setting up your first store on Facebook and Instagramand start selling.

In short...

E-commerce projects differ from each other, but nevertheless they have in common some described characteristics that we can easily take care of and ensure success. Is your hair graying from the record? Don't worry. By opening your own online store through the Vibeit platform, almost all of the above will be taken care of by our team, while you can devote your precious time to promotion and earning. You can read more about how Vibeit works herein.

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