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Klavdija Rupar
Tips and tricks
Sep 10, 2021

The 5 Best E-Commerce Books

Have you noticed any changes in shopping and consumer habits in the last year and a half since the world found itself in the pandemic? One of the more prominent is the increasingly frequent online shopping, which experts believe will remain even after the end of the pandemic. Online shopping is faster and easier, because with just one click we make sure that the product is on its way to us in just a few days.

So it's no wonder that during the pandemic, huge numbers of people took up their entrepreneurial stories, or moved their physical stores online. E-commerce is on the rise, but we are sure that we can all learn a lot more about it.


To this end, we have selected the five best E-commerce books for 2021 that will help you better understand your customers or help you define your why.


Dave Chaffey: E-Business and E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice


Some of the key questions the book will answer are:

- What approach will you choose to assume an e-commerce strategy?

- How much do you need to invest inonline store?

- What processes should be your main priorities?


The book covers various aspects of e-commerce, encompassing both strategy, digital marketing and supply chain management. In it you will find a structured approach to planning, implementing, evaluating and improving your online business strategy. The book also features case studies of the biggest tech giants like Facebook, Dell and Google, as well as startups and smaller businesses, as well as interviews with professors on e-commerce strategies.


Jeff Walker: Launch


The book is suitable for all beginners who are embarking on the path of e-commerce, setting up an online store or thinking about expanding a physical store online. The book gives you a complete plan on how to get started with e-commerce in the shortest possible time and navigates you through the obstacles that every entrepreneur faces at the beginning of their business journey. In the book, the author explains what influences whether the presentation of the product or service you offer will be good or bad and gives you the tools to successfully develop your brand. In addition, the book also contains tips on how to set up an online store and find your niche.


Adam Clarke: SEO 2020


If you are at the beginning of setting up your online store, the most important thing is that potential customers notice you, so SEO (search engine optimization) to help you get the best position on Google is even more important. The SEO 2020 book will teach you the main points you need to know about SEO, e.g. how to choose the right keywords, develop a strategy that helps you adapt to changes, how to get new customers and how to stay relevant. Remember — Google is changing all the time, so it's extremely important to keep track of changes and implement them in your business at all times.


Joey Coleman: Never Lose a Customer Again


Joey Coleman is an award-winning speaker and business consultant who teaches his clients how to turn a customer who buys one product from you into a lifetime customer. While new customers initially experience emotions of joy, euphoria and excitement at the time of purchase, these quickly turn into fear, doubt and uncertainty. As a result, 20%-70% of new customers do not decide to buy again because they feel neglected. In his book, the author explores the eight emotional phases that the buyer walks through in the first hundred days of buying a product. Its system is presented through research and case studies and shows you how to create a memorable user experience that will keep the customer with you for the rest of their lives.


Mike Michalowicz: Fix This Next


When running a business (online or physical), many times there are problems that are necessary, which can be solved as quickly as possible. But many times leaders don't even know what their key problem is. Instead of going around in circles and solving the wrong things or insignificant things, the author presents in his book a framework of the most important problems according to a hierarchy of complexity and priorities that you need to solve among the first. This way, the next time a problem occurs, you will know exactly where to start and which fire to put out first.



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