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Asja Šerić
Tips and tricks
Dec 21, 2020

Do you want your own online store? Never easier!

Take advantage of the trend of online shopping and establish an online store for your brand and get on the train of profitable internet business. So let's get started!

The times we live in have encouraged many consumers to shop online, which they can do from the comfort of their own home. The figures say it all: in 2020, e-commerce in Europe grew by almost 13 percent, and its value is expected to grow to around 717 billion euros by the end of the year*. If you want to capitalize on this trend financially, now is the high time for you to set up your own online store and get on the train of profitable internet business. So let's get started!

The Vibeit team is aware that setting up an online store and selling online is often a daunting process. A Vibeit online platform ensures that you can easily create, manage, analyze and develop a successful and profitable e-commerce project. This includes online sales, print on demand (or “print-on-demand”) and shipping products to end customers (“dropshipping”). To set up an online store, you do not need an initial investment, an investment in stocks or a search for the right suppliers, because we take care of that.

What do I need to do?

Step One: What's Happening in the Market

Do you know who your target audience is and what they want? Do you have an idea for graphic design? These are the first questions you need to ask yourself. First, choose the group of consumers to whom you want to market your products. Research your target audience in detail and try to find out what problems they are facing and how you can help them with your products. Then explore what similar ones already exist on the market and think about how you can differentiate yourself from them. What is it that really makes you special? Your uniqueness and uniqueness should be your guide through the entire process.

Step Two: Graphics Convince

The next step is more creative in nature. Get down to creating beautiful graphics that will bring your brand to life and convince customers. Devote the most time and thought to this step, because good design is the first thing customers notice. You can create your own design yourself with the help of various online tools such as Canvaor Crello. You can also hand your idea to some artist or graphic designer, who will put it on paper, or rather on the screen. If you already have them, you can start from your own logo and the colors of your brand. In any case, let your imagination run wild and allow the products to come to life in their best light — the light of your brand.

Step Three: Create an Online Store

Jump to the Vibeit online platform and create your own online store with your logos and colors in a few simple steps. Online payments and customer support are already taken care of, so you can spend your precious time promoting and generating income. Then choose from our wide range of t-shirts, caps, sports products and various accessories, choose the right products that best convey your brand. Our consultant can help you with this, who, even after the establishment of the online store, will regularly inform you about changes, new products and trends so that the products in your online store are always up to date.

We will then enliven the selected products with your carefully prepared graphics. The Vibeit team chooses the most suitable technique for finishing products, from printing to sewing, thus presenting your brand in all its uniqueness. Next is the selection of the sale price and the start of the sale. So don't worry. The whole process of creating an online store using the Vibeit platform will not take you more than a day. When your online store comes to life, you can monitor online sales and analytics on a real-time basis, and you will receive the paid profit from sales once a month.

Step Four: Promotion, Promotion, Promotion!

We have come to the last, but almost the most important step of any e-commerce project. Of course, we are talking about marketing and promoting products and your own online store. With a little sales skill, you will receive the first order and make sure that the orders also continue. The best part is that you don't need a marketing specialist to do this.

Word of mouth marketing is the first extremely effective way to spread the word about your brand with your friends, family, co-workers, and everyone else you meet. Invite them to check out your online store and visit your social networks. If you have not yet created social networks for your brand, do it as soon as possible. One of the upcoming blogs will be devoted exclusively to selling products on social media, so now let's move on to other important marketing techniques.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression on a potential customer who lands in your online store, so make it as visually appealing and consistent with your brand as possible. In addition to the first impression, of course, it is also important to encourage customers to make a purchase. You can do this with the help of promotional campaigns such as the use of promotional codes for a discount or free shipping. However, at the time of purchase, you also encourage your customers to write a review after receiving the product. Namely, product reviews help build trust in the brand and, in turn, increase sales.

Last but not least, you can also connect with influencers to whom you offer a free product or create a social media sweepstakes in exchange for promoting your product on social media. In any case, our main advice is to inform as many people as possible from your target audience about your newly created online store. Be it through your website, online newsletter, social media or otherwise.

Have we convinced you? Contact us and sign up for early access to the platform!

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