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Zala Steblovnik
Tips and tricks
Nov 20, 2023

8 Ways to Boost Sales During the Holiday Season: A Practical Guide for Creators

December is not only a month of celebrations and magic, but also an ideal time for creators to shine in sales and establish lasting bonds with their followers. This time, we reveal eight extremely effective strategies that will help you seize the opportunity of the festive period and increase your sales. Get ready to attract new customers and enrich the experience of your existing customers with carefully chosen approaches.

Harness the power of email lists 💌

Your email list is a communication bridge between you and your community. December holiday offers are a great opportunity to please your subscribers with special benefits. Don't forget to send personalized value-added content, exclusive collections, and holiday deals on a regular basis.

Izdelek brez naslova (52).png

Create a sense of urgency 🔥
Limited offers and “limited edition” products are key elements that promote a sense of urgency in your customers. By creating exclusive, temporary offers, you can encourage faster purchasing decisions, thereby increasing the popularity of your products over the festive period.

Coupons for additional benefits 💳

In your online store, you can create coupons very easily and quickly using the Vibeit platform. Write to us at app@vibeit.coand pamper your followers with coupons for additional discounts or free shipping.

Special category for holiday magic 🎄

Did you know that you can also create a special holiday category in your Vibeit online store? Choose products according to their popularity, theme, or prepare a special Christmas collection that will stand out during the festive offer. Shoppers looking for gifts will appreciate easy access to your most popular products.

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Exclusive products for true enthusiasts 👕

In December, it offers some exclusive products that will only be available for a limited period. This will further motivate followers to buy, as they will want to have something unique that is only accessible during the holiday season. Check out the new products that you can already find in Vibeit catalogand design a new winter collection with the help of the Vibeit team!

Building trust is key to success 💭

Nothing strengthens trust more than the opinions of satisfied customers. Highlight positive experiences, share their stories, photos and reviews. Highlight the comments of your customers, expose their opinions on social networks with stories that show the authenticity and quality of your products. Customer reviews add extra value to your brand, which will attract new customers and deepen the bond with existing ones.

Sweepstakes 😍

Sweepstakes are a great way to interact with your audience. Organize festive sweepstakes with attractive prizes that will encourage participation and greater recognition of your brand.

Ads to increase brand awareness 🎁

Use ads on social networks to emphasize the festive atmosphere of your products. Use attractive visual graphics and video content. Test different forms of ads and watch how sales will rise even higher.

With the right approaches and Vibeit on your side, you can make the holiday season extremely successful for your brand. Creativity knows no bounds, so let's share it with the world! 🚀🎨

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