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Link to your own domain

First of all, we link the online store, which is basically placed on the Vibeit subdomain, in its own tab on the website, if only it exists (usually it is the tab Shop/Merch/ Shop...).

It is then possible to redirect the online store to its own subdomain, e.g.

1. Option - Separate DNS server (Cloudflare .ipd)

  • New CNAME record: Type: CNAME, value: shop, content:
  • SSL/TLS - Encryption, optional set to: Flexible as shown in the image below

  • Page Rules: New rule to redirect to HTTPS (with * we define the entire domain so that the rule will also work on the other subdomains)

Cloudflarethe service is basically free of charge and provides additional security functionalities to the website or store and speeds up the loading of content.

2. Option - DNS on the same server as the website (various hosting, cPanel, etc.)

  • Creating a subdomain
  • Creating an https certificate on the hosting for a subdomain or the entire domain (wildcard)
  • Edit DNS records, delete A record, enter CNAME record: Type: CNAME, value: shop, content:

For a secure “secure” connection, it is currently necessary to use the Cloudflare interface, which can be edited via the link to After successfully redirecting your domain through the Cloudflare interface, follow 1. Connection option.

In case of setting up via Clooudflare, it is necessary to add a new “Page Rules” following the suggestion below.

Alwayî HTTPS bikar bînin

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