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Setting up an online store

How to start?

Online store settings:

  1. Register on the link situ
  2. Open or edit your store in the Stores tab.
  3. Specifies the name of your store and the name of the web link (subdomain).
  4. -until integration with your domain, the link will look something like this:
  5. Upload your logo and banner; you need them in the following formats:
    - Logo size 150x150px, .png or.svg
    - Favicon size 30x30px, .png or.svg
    - Banner image size 1920x660px, .jpeg or.png
  6. Specify the links that will be displayed at the bottom right:
    - to the website,
    - to the Facebook page,
    - to the Instragram profile.
  7. Choose two main colors of the online store (or only one):

- Main color - HEX code (#000000)
- Other color - HEX code (#000000

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