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A platform that helps you create a story.

We are a team of creative and life-eager millennials who strongly believe in a positive vibe. And by that we don't mean music. We are talking about the emotion that you feel deep inside you, about your inner environment, about the spark that burns inside you. We're talking about a positive vibe, and you should too!

We are a company engaged in the development of products for creators and brands, equipped with graphics to your liking - such a product is called vibes
Slika člana ekipe, ki podpira kupcem preko računalnika, jpg slika
Slika pisarne z rastlinjem in računalnikom v ospredju, jpg slika

Why Vibeit?

A positive vibe creates and nurtures good relationships and we believe that all good stories start with some creativity and collaboration. That's why we've created a service that allows each individual to create their own vibe — a holistic and complete range of their own branded products, show it to the world and share their vibe with it. Become part of our community of creators who trust us with their ideas and products. Send us a message and let us start creating beautiful vibes together!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for all Creators for their online sales and an additional source of income and opportunities to tap into the potential of their brand. With our service, we want to enable all creators - small and large - to continue doing what means to them the most and spread their good vibes through their own personalized products.
Slika člana ekipe, ki pakira pakete in jih pripravlja za odpošiljanje, jpg slika

Our Values

Vibeit vrednota, community, skupnost, svg slika


Vibeit vrednota, team, ekipa, svg slika


Vibeit vrednota, creator, ustvarjalec, svg slika


Company information

Vibeit, online sales and distribution, d.o.o.
Flegericeva ulica 2
2250 Ptuj, Slovenia

VAT ID: SI17633109
Registration number: 7254750000
Bank account with Delavska Hranilnica d.d.
IBAN:SI56 6100 0002 5025 377
BIC code: HDELSI22

Share capital: 23,002 EUR
Reg. doc.: Wed 2017/11017,
District Court Ptuj
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