Price list of services

Phone displaying Vibeit pricelist

Basic services

€25.00 Basic graphic design
€80.00 Graphic design, creative
€80.00 Programmer's clock
€50.00 Counseling hour
€5.50 Storage - Pallet place unit/month
€9.00 Storage - Shelving unit /month
€2.00 Preparation and dispatch of a package for internal procurement (fulfilment) per package

Online services

Integrated digital management of social networks - from 900 EUR

Integrated website development (design, development, layout) - 2000 EUR forward to concept/start page
+ 900 EUR for each subpage

Integrated creation of an online store (design, development, layout) from 2000 EUR

Design Services

CGP design (integrated graphic image; brandbook, logo, typography, colors), up to 3 corrections - from 2000 EUR

Print design, up to 3 proofreading - from 900 EUR

Website design (without development and layout), up to 3 corrections from 900 EUR forward for concept/start page + 300 EUR for each subpage

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and are indicative and subject to change based on the needs of the customer.