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Asja Šerić
Case study
Mar 1, 2021

Success story: Amie by NTN x Vibeit

Amie by NTN is a brand of quality products with handmade personalized motifs made with great attention and love. Three friends, Nina, Tiffany and Nina (hence the name), presented their brand of personalized sweaters to the public on October 24 last year on Instagram. Soon after, they also launched their own online platform Vibeit online store with spot finishing and shipping. Let's see how their success story develops.

Who is behind the Amie by NTN brand?

Three friends (or “amie” as the French call it — the word the co-founders liked so much that they borrowed it to name their brand) came up with the idea of starting a company when they wanted to give a mutual friend a unique gift on his birthday: a sweater with a unique print that is unique to him. At the same time, co-founder Nina M., who also takes care of creative and design, put the sketch of all three co-founders on paper for the first time. The sketch was later printed on the first sweaters, and after a month of hard work - also officially - the Amie by NTN brand was born.

Tri prijateljice, oziroma »amie« kot pravijo Francozi.

“Inspiration for designs is poured into us by our customers. They often send us special wishes to adapt the photograph to the drawing, and thus each time they put us before new challenges, with which we learn new techniques and ways of preparing designs.”

Although the original idea for the creation of the brand was consolidated by printing on sweaters, now they plan to sell other personalized prints and products in addition to them. In addition to custom-made products, the online store also offers products from their own collections, which are themed or casually colored. In each product, it is possible to notice a minimalist design, taken with an important message. To top it off, they supplement their products with the original name and description in Slovenian, because they are aware of the importance of preserving the liveliness of the Slovenian language. In addition, they (currently) only operate on the Slovenian market and do business with Slovenian clients, so writing down descriptions and communicating in Slovenian is a logical choice.

“Our slogan is 'carry your world'. Why? Because we believe that everyone creates their own world in which they live, in which there are both positive and negative things. In this world there are friends, family, favorite things, music and dreams. A world made up of small moments that are, in fact, larger than we initially think. With our help, these little moments and memories can also be transferred to a sweater, put it on and always carry it with us.”

Vibeit: The secret of online sales

The co-founders of Amie by NTN knew Vibeit before the brand was founded. They made the final decision to choose the Vibeit platform when they answered the following question: “Should we manage the entire order ourselves (order processing, communication with the printer, finding a delivery service...) or should we decide to cooperate with Vibeit, which already covers all this in its offer?”

A combination of circumstances (from the fact that all three are still students who have full-time jobs, and because they live in different parts of Slovenia) led them to the decision to set up their online store on the Vibeit online platform. “The Vibeit team took on the burden of communication, finding the right printer and ordering sweaters (the whole process is a bit more logistically demanding due to personalized orders), and dispatching orders, while offering us the possibility of an online store that they probably would not have been able to realize in such a short time on their own,” said the co-founders.

Napis Nosi svoj svet.

Before using Vibeit, the co-founders only sold their products via email and Instagram. “The online store makes our work easier, because everything is done automatically,” they pointed out. They also emphasize that they are only at the beginning of their business journey, so the online store is not yet at the peak of sales. In addition to all of the above, they are also aware of the importance of promotion, which is taken care of by Nina M. Sales don't just happen by themselves. Therefore, a huge amount of effort is invested in the preparation of photo material and editing of online networks, especially Instagram. “We have the most activity on Instagram because our target group is the most active there,” they said.

“We also gained recognition by sending personalized sweaters to Slovenian influencers who spoke about us on social media.”

One of the biggest promotional successes that they have recently celebrated is the showing of their unique sweaters in the video by Anja Ramsak and Robert Roškar (you can see it here to). “We also prepared sweaters for the band Big Foot Mama and a personalized sweater for Hama from Tribute2Love. We also cooperate with Taro Zupančič, Uroš Bitenc and others.” The key to Amie by NTN's success lies in the ingenuity of the co-founders, knowing their own target group, activating followers and constantly seeking inspiration and creativity.

Unikatni Amie by NTN puloverji v videospotu Anje Ramšak in Roberta Roškarja.

Where to get creativity?

“When it comes to creativity, it always helps to know your products and story well and have a clear vision of what you would like to show,” emphasize the co-founders of Amie by NTN. They try to look at their products from the eyes of customers and constantly ask themselves what customers like and what they want. They note that as long as the buyer is not interested in the product, he will not delve into understanding and reading posts on social media. But at the same time, the moment he starts looking for information, they must also be available to him. Amie by NTN thus stores the most important information about products, ordering and price on her Instagram profile in Memories, available to anyone who visits their profile.

“For additional creativity, group gathering of ideas, daily communication of the team, goodwill and drive to work and achieve the set goal always helps.”

Tri prijateljice - Nina, Tiffany in Nina.

Did the story of Amie by NTN inspire you? Are you also looking for a comprehensive solution to start your success story? Contact us and let the Vibeit team take care of your online store, real-time finishing and product dispatch.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the stories on our Vibeit blog — News, tips and much more!

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